ATL Law Offices

Law Hang, William

William was admitted in Hong Kong in 2002. He has been closely involved in a number of cross-border IP litigations in HK and China.

BA in Economics from George Washington University (1993)
MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (1994)
LLB in English Laws from Manchester Metropolitan University (1999)
PCLL, University of Hong Kong (2000)
LLB in Chinese Laws from Beijing Tsing Hua University (2004).

2000-2002 Trainee Solicitor, LOVELLS HK Office
2002-2006 Assistant Solicitor, BAKER & MCKENZIE HK Office
2006-2008 Assistant Solicitor, BIRD & BIRD HK Office
2008-present Partner & Principal, ATL Law Offices

Member, the Law Society of Hong Kong since 2002
Domain Name Panelist, ADNDRC, HKAIC since 2008

  • Trademark, copyright and patent litigation
  • Licensing
  • IP criminal enforcement
  • Domain name
  • Trade fair management and enforcement
  • Injunctions
  • Product liability

  1. FREY WILLE Gmbh & Co, KG AND ANOTHER V. COMPLEX INDUSTRIAL CO LTD AND ANOTHER [2012] HKCA 345; [2012] 4 HKLRD 814; CACV2/2012 (7 August 2012)
  1. FREY WILLE Gmbh & Co, KG AND ANOTHER V. COMPLEX INDUSTRIAL CO LTD AND ANOTHER [2011] HKCFI 1789; HCA378/2011 (5 December 2011)
  1. Gold Typhoon Entertainment V Legend World Asia Ltd, 3rd Party PPSEAL (HCA 1931 Of 2012) (Acting For The Defendant In A Landmark Case Brought By Record Companies To Clarify The Limit Of Karaoke Server Licence)
  1. China National Gold Group V HK China Gold Co Ltd (HCA 88 Of 2013) [2013] HKCFI 1586 (Acting For The Plaintiff In Defending Setting Aside Default Judgment)
  1. China National Gold Group V China Gold Group (HK) (HCA 699 Of 2013) (Acting For The Plaintiff In Summary Judgment Application Against A Shadow Company Who Controls Over 300 Infringing Shops In China)
  1. Hugo Boss Trademark Management GMBH CO & KG V The Britain Boss Int’l Co Ltd [2015] HKCFI 620; [2015] 3 HKLRD 4 (Permanent Injunction And Winding Up Against An Infringer Who Operates Over 500 POS In China)
  1. Global Marketing Enterprise V Blue Box International (HCA 1053/2015) (Acting For An Israeli Plaintiff In Copyright Claim Against A Local Toy Company)
  1. Pandora A/S V Glamulet International Ltd [2016] HKCFI 1209 (Defending Ex Parte Injunctions And Mareva Injunctions Involving Copyright & Trademark Infringement Claims And Advertisement On Google Adwords)